Slowly but Surely

Getting the word out is tough.  If I could blog more maybe it would be easier.  But now with the initial line is molded, moving forward is the only option, the waiting is over.

We still have more to add to the line and plan on adding more shapes as time goes on.  But as of now we are psyched with the look of the line and more than psyched that our 1st hangboard has been finished.  As we do move forward look for a smaller hangboard/campus rung and many more new shapes.


Let us know what you think.


Urban Plastix










Moving UP

Over 120+ shapes are being added to the Urban Plastix line very soon.  We here at UP want to give the climbing community a look at some of the new shapes as well as a look into the process.  At UP the future is bright and we want to show off the newness.

Some of the tools that help to create the shapes coming your way.

We try to make all our holds as light as possible.  From Large to small holds, if we can hollow back them we will try. 

As for the new shapes.  Heres some shots some new holds coming out soon as well as some of the process of shaping.

Here we have the “Dog Bones” boxed up and being sent out to mold.  These are narrow pinches with some curves and juggy sections to them.

Now we can see where we start.  The pic below is a ruffed out the block of foam that became the blade, which is a new feature coming to the line.

And now for 1 more pic to wet the appetite.  This is the training set, 24 small pinches and crimps for your home wall or your local gyms training wall.

Sorry for the grainy quality but its an iphone pic.  Hope all you climbers out there are liking the stuff.  Keep checking the DPM Blog and also check our website for our own blogs (which will be different from the DPM one).  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.


Urban Plastix





Getting Started

We here at up we have been getting started for a while.  Two years ago we started shaping the line and wrapped our head around what we are.  All of the time we took to develop our line and make sure we put out our best possible products.  The idea behind our shapes starts with ergonomics and ends with art.  For us indoor climbing is about training and doing so for as long as our skin will let us.  We feel that any difficulty of climbing hold can be comfortable if the texture is superior and the hold itself is made with the hands in mind.

Here we have one of the first larger holds we had molded.  The Big Brick Sloper series was inspired by super clean bricks of the brown stone buildings in our home of Brooklyn.

The Full Service is loosely based on the climb of the same name in Hueco Tanks.  This hold is one we are very proud of.  The lines mimic the weird juggy roof feature of the Tanks.  Look for more Hueco roof inspired holds only much bigger.  We have a huge pinchy feature in the works.

Well thanks for listening.  We will be back soon.

-Urban Plastix